Author: Deb Avery

Exiting Hell: A Story of Survival & How to Thrive.

  By Deb Avery   Any writer can tell you that when writing of difficult and painful times, it can feel like cutting your heart out and putting it on display for all to see. I know that feeling well, for I have shared many of the most painful times of my life in my writing, hoping that it would help someone else in some small way. This has included my leaving a 30 year marriage which culminated with my husband’s death from a stroke a few days after Thanksgiving, seven years ago. I don’t remember much about the...

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Dear Fellow Weird People:

  By Deb Avery Every since I can remember I have felt different. Call it weird, peculiar or just down right awkward, it’s that slightly uncomfortable feeling of being out of place or just not fitting in. Before the internet and social media, life could be pretty strange and lonely for those of us with these feelings, and no place was worse than the small town I grew up in and the surrounding regions. You see, I was born a Southerner with a very open heart and mind. The open heart part worked well until it involved being loving...

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The Season of Lights Illuminating the Dark Nights of the Soul.

By Deb Avery The season that is upon us can be one the most joyful, uniting and caring seasons of the year. Or, it can bring about feelings of isolation, depression or despair. Just as the sparkling lights that surround us illuminate and brighten the dark days of winter, they also cast shadows that can dull and darken our daily lives. Whether it be the death of a loved one, a debilitating illness, or the chronic struggle that often comes with living in poverty—all of these can drain the happiness and joy right out of the season and the celebrations. This can leave us with feelings of loneliness or hopelessness. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, another type of celebration (or none at all) the activities that surround this time of year is one of peace and goodwill. It can be hard to reconcile this with all the terrible things that are happening in the world today and the anxiety over the year to come. But in reality, no matter the custom or religion, the celebrations of this season are here to remind us of one thing: No matter how deep the darkness, the light will always return. The “return of the light” has been celebrated since ancient times, in every culture, in many, many ways. It’s always been a way of reminding us that the light has not...

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Removing Our Blinders: Living Life With A 360 Degree View.

  By Deb Avery   It has been a difficult past few days for many of us. The compassionate, empathic collection of cells that I am has been on a roller coaster ride of emotions. With the realization that Donald Trump, a man who has wheeled and dealed his way through life, using racial slurs, misogyny and intolerance as a platform for his campaign, I find myself very concerned for this country and the people of the United States. Am I the only one? No, of course not. Not only am I not the only one, but I think...

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Legends of Halloween: Myths or Truths?

  By Deb Avery   When exactly did Halloween begin? It depends on whom you ask. Many countries and cultures the world over celebrate a day (or night) in honor of the dead. Some say the first celebration, known as the night when the veil between the spirit world thins, was of Scottish/Celtic origin many, many centuries ago. However, I have a feeling that in some way shape or form this night of honor—this sometimes frightful night of spirits walking among us—has been going on for millennial. The custom of wearing masks began in Ireland. It was a Celtic...

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