Author: Deb Avery

4 Practices to Keep Yourself Balanced During Turbulent Times

  By Deb Avery   Everyday the headlines tell us stories. Sometimes the stories are lighthearted, inspiring and life-giving. But more often than not they are the very antithesis of these. After all, the passion and energies surrounding negativity sells newspapers, magazines and boost TV ratings. At times we all struggle with the onslaught of wave after wave of negativity in the news, in our communities and in our own lives. Even the most zen person living today will find times when they are knocked off balance by events and struggle within and without to regain their equanimity. We are...

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Chaos is Not to be Taken Personally, It Just Is

  By Deb Avery   “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” Charles Addams As we look around in horror at the chaos that surrounds us in the world, we often feel overwhelmed, depressed and helpless. But if we take a look at the natural order of nature, life and the universe around us, we begin to realize that it is sometimes our perception of things that are happening and not the actual events that stir in us these strong emotions. There is suffering in this world; that is a fact....

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Nature’s Lessons on Suffering & the End of Suffering

  By Deb Avery   Pain is an inevitable part of life. Struggling too, has its place but suffering, that’s a whole different thing altogether. For I have found that our suffering is in direct relationship to our ability to accept, adapt and keep our hearts and minds open. When life gets difficult and I find myself struggling, I turn to nature for enlightenment. There is always something there waiting to teach me how to just be, just breathe, and let go. No matter what the situation, nature offers many and varied lessons to those who are willing to...

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Ditch the Race & Find Magic in Everyday Life

  By Deb Avery Is there a secret to living a happy life? I think so. And I think that secret is in keeping things simple. Animals and children naturally know how to do this. I think we are all born knowing how to be happy. But then we are introduced to our parents’ and society’s beliefs and perceptions, and very slowly—insidiously—all of these begin the process of stripping away of our natural born instincts, replacing them with ideas and desires that cause stress and needless worry. As we mature we often lose that magical way of thinking that we...

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Realizing You’re Wearing Sunglasses in The Rain: A Perspective on Living with Chronic Illness

  By Deb Avery   It was one of those days when the sun was shining brightly one moment and the next it was pouring rain. The sound of my favorite music was often drowned out by the splattering of rain hitting the windshield and the swishing of the wiper blades. But as time went by the the rain let up while the clouds covered the sun completely leaving the sky dark and gray. There were many thoughts running through my head as I drove the 50+ miles to my cardiologist’s office. Having recently been diagnosed with Coronary Artery...

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