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Deb Avery lives in the Southern United States with her animals, surrounded by mighty oaks and woodlands. All of Nature is her friend and teacher. She is an avid gardener, reader of books, lover of all beings, who is often referred to as a “bit of a weird one,” which she takes as a compliment. Volunteering is one of her passions both in the animal world and that of humans. Having lived in many diverse places, including several years abroad, she has learned first hand that deep inside we are all one and the same. She enjoys long walks with her dog Sam, yoga and meditation. Along with The Tattooed Buddha, her writing has been published in Savana East, elephant journal and Wake Magazine. You can also find her blog @ stormraine.wordpress.com and on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/writer.debavery

January 2017

True Heroes are Compassionate Badasses.

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Imagine if half the money spent by the entertainment industry where channeled into education, promoting understanding, mindfulness training and teaching a more compassionate way of life to others.   By Deb Avery There have been some strange changes in our vocabulary over the years, and it's brought about a shift in perceptions as [...]

December 2016

Dear Fellow Weird People:

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Being different is actually a blessing in disguise. And as I've gotten older I have realized that those of us who are weird and different are some of the best people you could ever hope to meet. We certainly make life more interesting.   By Deb Avery Every since I can remember I [...]

November 2016

October 2016

September 2016

Buddhist with a Pagan Heart.

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  By Deb Avery   From my experiences on this planet, religion has taken the experiences, daily practices and habits by extraordinary people over the ages, and turned it into a complicated, sometimes dogmatic, highly ritualistic and exclusive way of living. All religions are based on people and experiences, class and gender restrictions at the [...]

Love is Wishing You Happiness Without Demands.

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  By Deb Avery When we tell someone I love you what do we really mean? Exactly what is this thing called love? I have used this phrase many, many times in my life, with many people, animals and even places. Sometimes it's my way of communicating the attraction, emotions and closeness I've felt with a person in [...]