Author: Deb Avery

Realizing You’re Wearing Sunglasses in The Rain: A Perspective on Living with Chronic Illness

  By Deb Avery   It was one of those days when the sun was shining brightly one moment and the next it was pouring rain. The sound of my favorite music was often drowned out by the splattering of rain hitting the windshield and the swishing of the wiper blades. But as time went by the the rain let up while the clouds covered the sun completely leaving the sky dark and gray. There were many thoughts running through my head as I drove the 50+ miles to my cardiologist’s office. Having recently been diagnosed with Coronary Artery...

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Be an Instigator Of Peace

  By Deb Avery We are constantly exposed to many emotions in our daily lives, and they can either make our lives richer and enhance our experience of the world around us, or they can make us become bitter and angry. Of all emotions, anger can be one of the most destructive that we can experience. When felt regularly, it can eat away at our hearts and minds until all that is left is a burning hole where love and compassion used to be. One thing that makes anger so destructive is its insidious nature; it can creep into our...

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The Zen of Wildflowers

  By Deb Avery There are deep truths in nature that often remain hidden until we are ready to see. Of all the teachers I have had in my many years walking on this beautiful Earth, nothing has taught me as gracefully and deeply as nature. What can I say to encompass all her wonders? She is the greatest force on the planet and one of the most eloquent teachers. Her lessons sometimes come in bursts of lovely blossoms from the earthy soil beneath our feet. Sometimes they come from the mighty trees that help us breath, or the winding...

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Zen Encounters in The Bible Belt

  By Deb Avery   At 8:00 AM the waiting room of the local clinic in my small town was sparsely populated—an elderly couple, one lady in her 30’s, and myself being the sole occupants. Usually I find a quiet corner and read until I’m called back, but this morning, while leaving in a hurry, my book was left on the kitchen table. Having thumbed through any and all of the halfway interesting, old magazines on previous visits, I simply sat and waited my turn. The other occupants were busily engaged in small talk about various subjects. And as...

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The Power of Living in Mindfulness: Infinite Possibilities Between Breaths

  By Deb Avery Have you ever felt that a brief moment of time seem to last forever? Maybe a moment that took your breath away with it’s beauty and grace? Or maybe it was the polar opposite and it was a moment that caused pain and sorrow and it seemed to go on forever. These moments—these spaces of time that exist between our breaths—hold the power to change lives, both our own, and others. They hold the power to change the world we live in. There is untold power in the seconds between the exhale and the inhale....

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