Author: Alicia Wozniak

The Calm Buddha at Bedtime. {Book Review}

  By Alicia Wozniak   Reading to our kids before and at bedtime plays an important part in their lives. It tightens the bond between us, expands their imagination and hopefully, calms them down enough to fall asleep. If a lesson can be learned through stories, even better. The Calm Buddha at Bedtime gives us just that; time to bond through conversations and learn about mindfulness and compassion from stories beautifully illustrated and easily explained. There are 18 lessons; each with their own Buddha at the end summarizing the story played out by characters like Percy the ostrich and...

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Because Everyone Farts (Even the Dalai Lama)

  By Alicia Wozniak We’ve all been there. Our bellies start making noise, our sphincters clench, we start sweating maybe—probably, our eyes widen: a fart is brewing. We look for an escape. Perhaps there is one, but if there isn’t—like we’re in a meeting and leaving isn’t possible, or the walk-run out of the room would be obvious something’s up—we start hoping it’ll be silent (and not deadly). Oh, the agony, and potential public humiliation. And then it happens. We, like nearly every other being on the face of the planet that eats, fart. One can never really trust...

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Compassion on the Streets.

By Alicia Wozniak I sit in my car for a few minutes each morning after dropping off my daughter, Weez, at school. Time to chill before the day begins, officially, enjoying my mocha. I have the radio on, music playing, I’m on my phone checking out social media and/or texting good mornings to friends. It’s my breather before digging into the ol’ inbox and playing the “I really need to go potty, but have totally forgotten why we’re outside, lady” game all day with my dog, the Dingo. It’s my quiet time. This morning I was doing my thing sitting...

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My Intention Yelled at Me.

  By Alicia Wozniak I wasn’t sure it was going to ever happen. I started practicing yoga over the summer. Weez, my daughter, was with her dad out of state; I had a lot of extra time. I made the error of scheduling too much to do while she was away for the summer. I panicked thinking I’d have too much down time. So, I got another part-time job, took on a paid editing project, kept up with my unpaid editing gig, continued teaching Zumba four times a week, plus my full-time job—basically I worked all of June and through...

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