Author: Andrew "Dru" Peers

The Bull Within: A Zen Look at Dealing with Anger.

  By Andrew Peers The recommended book was not easy to find. Eventually a monk friend in Japan took pity on me, photocopied it and posted it on. The two large bars of Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut chocolate (not available in Japan) this had cost me was worth it. In Gentling the Bull, the author Irmgard Schloegl comments on the Ten Ox-Herding pictures, which describe the quest for meekness in the Zen tradition. But it is ‘gentling,’ not ‘herding’ she insists, and it’s a bull not an ox—a bull with raw aggressive energy. The book of Numbers in the...

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The Longing Look. {Short Story}

  By Andrew Peers   Matt rinsed his mouth out and looked in the mirror. His eyes, still narrowed by sleep, made his bald head seem oriental. He leaned forward and slightly to the right to see his reflection. The rural long house was decorated in a ‘simple chic’ style, but his height hadn’t been calculated in. As slow comet tails of thought stretched across the inner sky of his skull, he remembered driving in his car the day before, the roof folded down and the air tickling his ear hair. Yesterday Matt was happy. His first weekend retreat...

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Intertwining Celtic Tradition & Buddhism: Enlightened Warrior.

  By Andrew Peers   Sitting down to write at the heavy wooden table in front of the cottage window, a view of the village and beyond gently opens out—a landscape of green fields and stately mature oak trees. It is autumn and their leaves are turning yellow and orange. This village lies in an area particularly associated with oaks. Sensing the season and silently tuning in to its rhythm, is broadly what is understood as ‘Celtic’ in Celtic Buddhism. It is the felt connection to the natural world as it continually changes; a way of learning to move...

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A Taste of the Stick: My Experience in a Japanese Temple.

  By Andrew Peers   Asked to sum up Japan in one word in the plane on the way home, I said: fierce. I had just spent the best part of a month in three different Japanese Zen temples as a member of a team of monks and nuns selected from Western monasteries. Perhaps this spontaneous answer bubbled up out of the intuition that a people naturally take on some of the qualities of the environment in which they live. The Japanese are an island people and have long been exposed to the fierceness of nature in those regions,...

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The Heart of The Heart Sutra.

By Andrew Peers This is the word that is true, No longer distorted by illusion, The word that comes from the heart, that says: Gone, gone, gone beyond, and with everything Gone even beyond going beyond. Awakened! *From the Heart Sutra of Wisdom beyond all Wisdom, the Prajnaparamita. A meditation master once said in a lecture that people who practice meditation develop a comfortable feeling, a sense of joy radiating from their inner being. The little owl often found roosting on a local barn gable always looks very comfortable and happy too, despite the blustery winds. I have long...

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