Author: Alex Chong Do Thompson

Using Buddhism to Make America Great Again

  By Alex Chong Do Thompson As the presidential inauguration approaches, there are many different emotions running through me—anger, sadness and confusion would probably be the big three. I honestly don’t understand how something as illusory as politics has the ability to take a country of intelligent, decent human beings, and turn us into raving, hateful, lunatics. My social media feeds have been filled with an incredible amount of vitriol over the past several days, and as a Zen practitioner, I’ve been at a loss at how to respond. To say nothing feels like giving silent consent to comments...

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Depression, Anxiety & Anger Came Knocking: A Buddhist’s Story

    By Alex Chong Do Thompson I sit cooped up in the house—my mind begins to tear away at itself. Looking out of the window, the grey winter skies dampen my mood. There’s an abrupt knock at my door. I answer and see Depression standing on my porch. He wears an expensive suit, and there is almost no emotion on his face. The cold day grows even colder. He walks into the house and embraces me in a hug. My body goes numb. I try to hide from him, wrapping myself up in thick blankets and lie on the...

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I Wanted Robes, but Life Gave Me a Shirt & Tie.

  By Alex Chong Do Thompson I have a job in corporate America working as a business analyst. The money is good and the hours are great. My coworkers are reasonably friendly, and my stress level rarely goes above a 6 on a scale of 1-10. In short, I have very little to complain about, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling like my job is interfering with the real work that I should be doing. Every day, I sit down in my cubicle and begin my daily tasks. As the day progresses, a feeling of dark discontent grows in...

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