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The Tattooed Team Spotlight: Alicia “Woz” Wozniak, Editor {Interview}

Alicia “Woz” Wozniak: Tampa, Florida   Besides writing, what do you do for a living? I’m a wizard behind the curtain in a marketing division for a higher education company; I’m a digital marketer. I also teach STRONG by Zumba and Zumba, and I’m an editor. Do you have a blog? What places/publications have you written for? The Well Written Woman, elephant journal, The Tattooed Buddha  Do you have kids? Describe your family? One kid. We’re a small family even outside of us. We all moved down to Florida from Ohio over a 20 year period; everyone else...

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The Gift of Darkness {Journaling}

  By Ellie Pappas Many of us can relate to that feeling of dark depression—the type where you look around and just can’t find one thing to feel grateful about. It’s like all the self help tools you’ve collected over the years just kind of sit there, as you stare at them blankly. Scoffing at them. You want to take action, but it’s just not the time. Yes, after going through phases of depression over the years, you know it’s (hopefully) just a phase that will pass. How do we get out from under the rubble? I was in...

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Mindful Millennial Mom

  By Reanna Spain As a millennial, I’m part of the last generation of individuals who experienced life BC (before cellphones). Back before “office hours” became checking a quick email during dinner, and when reading the news meant sitting in your rocker on Sunday morning with a hot cup of Joe; not sitting in the stands of your kids t-ball game scrolling through Facebook during innings. Distraction doesn’t even adequately describe it: it’s just become the norm—all these things constantly vying for our attention with equal persistence. Who can blame us? Phones beep and buzz and light up. They...

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Buddhist Meditation: A Crude Overview

  By J. Martin Let’s talk meditation. Some folks are rocking some serious misconceptions about it. There are many types and styles with endless variations in between whether you count breaths while passing beads through your fingers, imagine yourself in a serene place, or focus on each moment of experience to it’s very edges; just know there is no right or wrong, the goal is a healthy, introspective view. Rather than break down all the individual styles that there are in the world, which would most likely occupy the rest of this current lifetime, we will discuss the two...

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Right View: Am I Sure? {The Eightfold Path}

  By Jessica Desai What does Buddhism and the corporate world have in common? Oddly the secular answer to improving business is similar to the Buddha’s suggestion for improving self. I worked for a Fortune 40 company that loved Six Sigma, which is a process improvement methodology aimed at removing defects and improving quality. One of the main techniques used in this methodology for uncovering big problems is called the 5 Why’s. In this technique you have to ask “why” five times to uncover the root cause for any problem. Extensive research uncovered that it took asking the question “why” five times before the true...

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