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How to Deal with Annoying People (Mindfully)

By Leo Babauta It’s a common thing to be frequently annoyed by other people. Added to our regular interactions with family, friends and coworkers are the online habits of people on various social media, and they can all irritate the hell out of us. What can we do when other people are being annoying, frustrating, inconsiderate, irritating, even aggravating? Well, assuming we’re not in real danger and we don’t need to take action to protect ourselves, often the best practice is an internal shift rather than trying to change the other person’s behavior. That suggestion in itself can be...

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Living Satya: No Lies, Your Practice is Truth

  By Darren Littlejohn In traditional recovery literature, it’s said that we’re as sick as our secrets. To integrate with our deepest selves, we need to learn how to uncover and be present in our truth and to speak it, live it and work with it in our lives on the planet with other beings, each with their own truths and lies. Jordan Petersen, the internet-famous Clinical Psychologist, says that to be able to articulate our truth is perhaps the most vital skill we can have. We can’t live in fear of rocking the boat, tipping the scales or...

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Your Practice, Your Choice

By Jennifer Mazzoni Since meditation is a personal experience, each of us will have a position we prefer. Below are three popular meditation positions that I will describe to help you find your preference: sitting, kneeling, and lying down. We can also walk while meditating, which will be addressed in a future series on the various types of meditation. Sitting Traditionally, meditation is practiced while sitting on the floor. This position can help us feel grounded and centered, because our bodies are directly connected to the floor. However, this can be a very uncomfortable position for those who experience chronic...

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Getting Back on the Cushion…and the Wagon

  By Tyler Lewke In times of desperation, I’ve climbed the steps to temples and churches, therapist’s offices and 12 step groups, wisdom circles and countless spaces seeking peace from the struggles and the happiness I thought was promised. I show up hungry for stillness—peace—seeking refuge from life’s torrents. With pain as fuel, I keep coming back, again and again. Like drinking from a well until finally my thirst is quenched. The spiritual lessons I’ve gained within the confines of these holy spaces give me the courage to go back out into the world. I walk slowly at first—peek...

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The 12 Step Buddhist Talks about Compassionate Recovery

  By Darren Littlejohn This is just a little bit of background about what brought me to the notion of a new paradigm for recovery. While my experiences may make it appear that I’m discompassionate to existing frameworks, that’s not the case. I’ve always been a proponent of a “whatever works” philosophy. The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for anything in life. After more than 30 years in AA, NA, Alanon, ACA and running The 12-Step Buddhist groups and retreats for more than five years, I came to the awareness that there needs to be a...

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