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What the Tabloids Didn’t Say: Prison and Teresa Guidice.

    By Beatrice Codianni  The truth can only set us free if we are aware of it. When it was announced that Teresa Guidice was going to be sent to Danbury Federal Prison Camp for crimes involving bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, Reentry Central was inundated with phone calls from the media asking if we would speak to them about what it would be like for her in the Danbury Camp. At first we were apprehensive. We did not want to be a part of exploiting Teresa’s situation. But when several reporters suggested...

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A Lesson in Meditation.

    By Jason Garner   A few months ago my youngest nephew visited me with my sister and brother-in-law. I spent some time alone talking with Aidan, who told me about the fears he was experiencing, especially at bedtime. His stories of lying in bed afraid before falling asleep, or waking up trembling in the middle of the night amidst the imaginary sounds and shadow intruders, touched my heart and brought back memories of my own childhood. I remembered feeling alone, ashamed, and misunderstood as grown-ups gave me such adult-like advice as “count sheep” or “just go back...

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We Who are Dark in Nature.

  By Jessica Rigney A young child drowns and a family is left shattered and grasping. There is something to offer, we hope—those of us who watch from the outside; and we are outside. This thing that has happened, has not happened to us. It has happened to this small family. It is mentioned to me that the living sibling spends much of her time with books. She likes to write and is quite perceptive and sensitive. And can you? Will you? Think of something which can be given to her? I am a dark one. It is no secret...

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How to Unhook from Difficult People.

  By Kate Bartolotta We all have them. You know, those people who are in our lives that just seem to bring out the worst in us, push our buttons or make us crazy. Unfortunately, life isn’t always as simple as Facebook would imply; unfriending and unfollowing difficult people isn’t always an option. But while we can’t always choose who comes into our lives, much of how they affect us is within our control. Buddhists use the term shenpa for being hooked in to that sticky feeling we get when someone rubs us the wrong way. It’s like an...

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Mania: My Public Experience.

  By Michelle Fajkus Ten years ago, I had what can best be described as a nervous breakdown. A “break with reality.” I “lost it,” “went insane,” and was certifiable. In April 2005, my erratic behavior led to my being committed against my will—literally dragged by the police—to a state-run mental hospital. This was conveniently labeled a “manic episode.” A psychiatrist later told me that mine was a textbook case. I’ve written about it before, so I’ll spare you all the grisly details here. On my honeymoon in Colombia in 2013, life’s twists and turns led me to another manic episode. Fortunately, because...

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