Allowing the Tears to Flow

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Allowing the Tears to Flow

We shed tears when we hear some news that brings relief. We cry when we relate to someone on a very deep level. These tears are equally as important. Our human-ness is not meant to be stifled or buried, but honored, supported and celebrated.

By Lisa Meade


Have you ever heard someone sharing a story about some event in their life that is quite sad or overwhelming—something that has brought them to their knees and broken them apart and at some point in the sharing they proudly state, And I have not shed a tear?

It is as though they want a badge of honor. It seems like they may feel it somehow measures their strength or resiliency, as though crying would somehow make them appear weak, beaten and vulnerable.

I know that there is a wonderful release when I allow my tears to flow. They cleanse my soul, they wash away the pain and they allow my emotions to move on. There is great beauty in the ability to shed tears. Tears have a way of welling up when we feel that overwhelm or when we have been wounded. Stuffing them down means that in some way we are choosing to not acknowledge the feelings attached to them. We are denying our suffering.

We are hiding from our pain.

In the end, this does not serve us and often can add to our soul loss. It buries what needs to be witnessed and held. We cannot go through life without facing this part of ourselves without our tears. If we do, we then run the risk of creating even greater suffering and possible long term denial of our wounds. This creates a burden that we sling around with us because we have not allowed our beings to work through the loss, pain or overwhelm.

And what of tears of joy? What of tears of compassion? What about tears of communion as we see ourselves in others?

Not all tears are caused by pain. Many times they flow when we are proud, moved deeply, or awestruck. We shed tears when we hear some news that brings relief. We cry when we relate to someone on a very deep level. These tears are equally as important. Our human-ness is not meant to be stifled or buried, but honored, supported and celebrated.

The soul recognizes our tears as an opportunity for us to process and work through life events. Tears shed in anger can let some of the steam off. Tears of disappointment can bring a pause for us to gain a fresh perspective. Tears of loss expand the love in our heart. Tears of pride imprint upon us moments of celebration.

All of our tears hold their purpose and connection to our being.

Crying is a physical act that our body gifts us so that we may connect with our heart and soul (and to one another). They lead us to our vulnerable side and there is no shame in that. We need times to be soft, to let go, and to feel the release of our pain.

We find inner peace under the tears. We also need times to feel the connection with others on a soft soulful level. The tears help build energetic bridges between us.

It is within the flow we find our grace and ease.


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  1. Deb Avery March 13, 2017 at 1:13 pm - Reply

    Beautifully powerful! Just as our sacred tears. 💜

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