Man collecting the stars and putting them in a wheelbarrow.

Man collecting the stars and putting them in a wheelbarrow.


By Kai Coggin


If you look up
in the night sky tonight,
your naked eyes
will witness a spectacular
line up of spheres,
a conference of five planets
closest to earth,
convening in the dome of Heaven,
arcing above the horizon in a dance between stars.

Mercury kisses
the upper lip of our horizon
plays the quick sun chaser with its
predawn shine, the planet of the mind,
the illuminating principle of human life,
and no, not just the closest planet to the sun,
but emanating the energies of the higher realms,
the mercurial messenger of the Gods,
the closest planet to the SUN inside us,
facilitating the transmutation from personality to Soul,
this Mercury light,
bright in the sky’s late night,
starts our necklace of otherworldly pearls.

Next in this celestial line up is Venus,
named for the Goddess of Love and Beauty,
the Feminine Divine in her glowing orbital triumph,
she shines brightest in the sky
and the ancients knew it was her eyes,
universal third eye of the night,
it was her breasts,
universal nourishment of mother, of woman,
it was her LOVE, it was her LOVE,
Venus, vehicle of the universal LOVE principle among men,
Venus, the spiritual mother of the ecliptic plane,
if a planet were home to me,
I feel it might be there,
the blue light that pulses inside me
moves to the rhythm of her swirling heat,
the steady movement
of a mothers hip, mothership,
that I wish would call me back to her warmth,
her love melting the space between
her colder brothers.

we can see Saturn’s rings from
the telescope of our imaginations,
we all know they are there,
particles of ice and rock
hovering around the waist of a Golden Sphere,
Saturn is the Lord of Karma,
the Dweller on the Threshold,
the punisher and the payback,
the testing ground for the traveler on the Path,
if you have not seen the Gates of Initiation,
Saturn is just that planet with the rings,
but if you have jumped through his hoops
to reach the light of your own consciousness,
you know the weight of all of these things.

Mars is next
in this configuration in space,
red in all its glory,
scientist just found water on Mars,
but they have yet to see the blood of sacrifice
on it’s spiritual surface,
the sacrifice of our Soul to the physical level of form,
the death of the Soul to be born in the body,
the descent into matter,
to learn lessons in the World of Man,
the fall all the way down to earth, to rise,
this is Mars, the war of duality,
the fight between the Soul and the personality,
the red reflecting even on the darkest night,
the naked eye shroud of remembrance of what we have all done,
fallen from a place of light,
to bear the burden of knowing we must once again unite.

“Hey, Jupiter,
nothing’s been the same,”
last in the line-up of giants
in our January canvas of night,
Jupiter is the far-off brightness of the other worlds,
the cusp of existences between the physical
and the eternal,
great red spot heart swirling
a hurricane the size of three earths,
there is the red mixture of Love and Wisdom,
there is the energy of fusion
in which we as these mortal beings
can face the light of our ever-reaching Souls,
Jupiter is the ruler of blessings for Humanity,
the manifestation of us all holding hands,
of right human relations through the vehicle of Love and Wisdom,
it is triumph over the lower worlds we harbor within
to the victory of oneness and collective consciousness.

This is not the science of the mundane,
but the fact of the Supermundane that pulses with life
in the fibers of every atom and every infinitely splitting cell,
this is the one life that speaks in the mouths of rivers,
that breathes in the wind through trees,
that undulates in waves that end on the shore of Self,
this is how we recognize each other
when we are looking with the eyes of our Souls.

Look up in the sky,
the Heavens are offering you a window
to the Higher Worlds,
the Chakras of the Universe are displayed in naked eye wonder,
laying across the hemisphere like a constellation called God,
these planets are not others, but part of the whole,
as much as WE are part of the whole,
the energies of these five giants are pouring into us
and we are a blue dot with open arms,
needing all the help we can get.

Look in the sky tonight,
open your arms and face to the bright lights
that are trying to make it all the way down to you,
so your heart

can feel



Kai CogginKai Coggin is a poet and author living on the side of a small mountain in Hot Springs, AR. She holds a degree in Poetry and Creative Writing from Texas A & M University. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Split This Rock, Yellow Chair Review, ANIMA, Blue Heron Review, Lavender Review, Broad!, Elephant Journal, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Cliterature, ITWOW,

[empath] quarterly, Catching Calliope, and other journals, as well as anthologized in several collections. Kai is the author of PERISCOPE HEART (Swimming with Elephants Publications, 2014). Her poetry has recently been nominated for The Pushcart Prize and Bettering American Poetry 2015. She is also a Teaching Artist with the Arkansas Arts Council, specializing in bringing poetry and creative writing to youth.


Photo: c-isnenegro/tumblr

Editor: Dana Gornall



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